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  • BL-852Q38A
    The BioUltra series of 2MP Starlight Facial Recognition Cameras offers computer vision technology at the edge-performing complex real-time facial recognition and facial feature comparison without the need for an external face database. With the embedded facial recognition algorithm, cameras of the BioUltra series could accurately capture and compare the acquired face data with face templates stored in the database. The series also supports White/Black-list event alarm deployment in different scenarios. Meanwhile, benefited from the outstanding Sony STARVIS sensor and ISP optimization, it’s capable of balancing light throughout the scene and promising crystal-clear images in dark environments. BioUltra series also supports multiple industry-leading Intelligent video analytic functions, such as Face Detection, Line Crossing, Intrusion, Object Left/Lost, Counting, for smart event alarms. The cloud function is built-in for every device, which is more convenient and flexible for remote real-time viewing. BioUltra series IP cameras also support registration of face templates remotely from the mobile Application AntarView Pro which provides excellent and convenient user experience.

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