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Armatura is a global biometric technology oriented company founded in the “The Silicon Valley of the South” (Atlanta, GA, USA), providing allrounded identity & Access Management (IAM) end-to-end solutions inspired by A.I. enhanced biometric technology to the broad spectrum of customers including,  system integrator, security company,  government sector, multi-national enterprise, etc.

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  • PalmMobile SDK
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    PalmMobile SDK

    Armatura PalmMobile SDK (AKA PalmMobile SDK) is a set of Artificial Intelligent Computer Vision palm recognition  technologies running on PC, Tablet or Mobile device. Such devices can be Android/iOS smartphones, tablets,  Android handheld devices, or PC/Laptop. PalmMobile SDK provides rich interfaces to access the palm  recognition functions, including palm detection, liveness detection for anti-spoofing protection, template  generation, matching and verification.  PalmMobile SDK is a pure software development toolkit that can be deployed on popular operating systems  including Windows, Android, and iOS. It does not rely on special palm capturing device other than a standard  digital camera or web camera available on the smartphone, tablet, or PC/laptop.  PalmMobile SDK encapsulates the palm recogniton algorithm details, provides intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces  to developers for agile integration development. Comparing to face recognition, especially for the customers who  is more concern of the privacy issue, PalmMobile SDK is a perfect alternative touchless biometric solution and fit to  a wide range of cloud base mobile authentication applications.

  • FacePro Android & Windows SDK
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    FacePro Android & Windows SDK

    Armatura FacePro Android SDK (AKA FacePro SDK) is a pure software development toolkit running on general or  custom Android devices which have built-in digital camera or external web camera, such devices can be Android  smartphones, tablets or handheld devices.  FacePro SDK is built on deep learning-based computer vision technologies, delivers face analytics and face  recognition functionalities on captured human face images, enables the applications to track, analyze and  recognize the human face with high speed and accuracy.  With the rich interfaces provided by FacePro SDK, the integrator/developer can enable face recognition features  on Android App, including detecting face, tracking face, analyzing face-attributes, detecting live person face from  the digital camera and performing face registration and authentication as well. FacePro SDK encapsulates the deep learning algorithm details and makes the function calls transparent to  upper-level applications. It provides intuitive, developer-friendly and self-contained interfaces to developers for  agile integration development. FacePro SDK can be applied to a wide range of software applications where  mobile authentication is required, such as identity management, single sign-on, digital signature and more.

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