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  • D3

    ZKTeco's D3 is a time & attendance terminal with multi-biometrics authentications and supports  connecting ZKBio Zlink (CloudATT). Also, D3 adopts the facial recognition technology and equips  with the in-glass fingerprint verification method, providing an all-rounded time and attendance  management.  

    When D3 connects to ZKBio Zlink, users can enjoy many features, including remote user  registration and real-time reporting. Additionally, with Zlink CloudATT, users can create flexible  timesheets through D3, setting up timetables with multiple report formats to satisfy various time  and attendance management needs.

  • ZKBio Time.Net
    ZKBio Time.NetNew
    ZKBio Time.NetPopular
    ZKBio Time.Net

    ZKBio Time.Net is a lite windows-based desktop time and attendance software for small and medium enterprises. It provides a stable communication for ZKTeco standalone devices through Ethernet/ Wi-Fi/ USB and connects all devices to download transactions, synchronize employee information, calculate attendance records, and generate more than 15 kinds of reports. And it is equipped with a Payroll module that provides a corresponding payroll calculation function.

  • ZKBio WDMS
    ZKBio WDMSNew
    ZKBio WDMSPopular
    ZKBio WDMS

    Demo User Name : admin

    Demo Password : admin123

    ZKBio WDMS is a Web-based Data Master System, which is a middleware. As a middleware, it allows you to deploy on servers and databases for devices and transactions management.

    Administrators can access ZKBio WDMS anywhere on a browser or a third-party software by API to handle thousands of devices. The Mask & Temperature Detection (MTD) module records data about body temperature and mask detection taken for each employee entering the controlled area.

    The system automatically imports personnel information through the user's simple configuration.

  • TA Assistant App
    TA Assistant AppNew
    TA Assistant AppPopular
    TA Assistant App

    TA Assistant can completely replace Udisk. Downloading there ports by shaking at Dashboard interface. It can Check and download there ports with APP. And it can cancel there ports,manage the download,set the shift,etc.It can also share attendance reports by email.

  • ZPad Plus(4G)
    ZPad Plus(4G)New
    ZPad Plus(4G)Popular
    ZPad Plus(4G)

    ZPad Plus(4G) is ZKTeco’s latest multi-functional data collection device, incorporating the Android 7.1 platform and integrating FBI PVI certified Z-ID Fingerprint Sensor and RFID module. The device is equipped with an internal battery and a 7-inch touch screen display and features wireless communications via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. ZPad Plus(4G) is available in three different versions: ZPad Plus, BioTime Web, and ZPad Plus Cloud. In combination with GoTime Cloud, our cloud-based Time & Attendance Management Software solution, your attendance and employee data will always be available and secure in Amazon servers. The users will have access to Attendance events and management, being able to set different user privileges.

  • S922

    The S922 is specifically designed for off-site time management, such as construction sites, logistic industries, large farms, and the mining industry. Top handle with rubber coating enables users to carry easily.

  • IN05 & IN05-A
    IN05 & IN05-ANew
    IN05 & IN05-APopular
    IN05 & IN05-A

    IN05 is a fingerprint identification time & attendance and access control terminal, which can connect with a third-party electric lock, door sensor, and exit button, etc. 

    Communicating via Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, 3G/4G, and USB host, ensures a smooth connection and data transfer.

    It's associated with ZK new fingerprint reader, the operation remains stable under a strong light source and high preciseness of verification of wet and rough fingers. Amazing verification speed and intuitive operation process make it popular. It will match your slap-up office perfectly.

  • X628-C

    The firmware of X628-C has been upgraded to the New Firmware. It brings many new experiences, including the new stunning GUI, rock-solid stability, faster matching speed and better expandability. Users can easily manage data by networking X628-C via RS232, TCP/IP, and USB-host. Most importantly, all the functions can still operate in a networking state. X628-C is compatibility with various types of USB flash disks, ADMS and former SDK. It also supports data backup and retrieve to avoid the risk of accidental deletion. It promotes the fingerprint time & attendance management to the next level. You can get the best of benefits from the X628-C.

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